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My favourite actor is Aidan Gillen and his Stuart Alan Jones is my hero.

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Lessons in Romance by Stuart Alan Jones.


lyric meme: requested by opium-and-tea

"obsessions is like sex, it’s simple and complex"

Seriously though, if you guys haven’t seen the UK version of Queer as Folk, you need to. It’s short enough to watch over a couple of days and it’s my personal favorite. >.>

LGBT: Who are we? The Queer as Folk effect …

15 years on from its first showing and it’s worth re-evaluating Queer as Folk: Was it really as groundbreaking as we thought back then? Does it still hold its own more than a decade later? Were the accusations of stereotypes levelled at the series just? And what was the show’s legacy?

Read the answer at sosogay.


Queer as Folk Uk 15th Anniversary
    Thoughts on Alfred's birth

Stuart’s Leaving (Part 2) Part 1

Hazel (to Vince)Run yer daft bastard!


Queer as Folk 15th Anniversity
    Nathan and Stuart's first time
markcohening: i saw a few of your qaf uk liveblog posts and while i'd probably not be best pleased if i was a parent whose fifteen-year-old was sleeping with someone twice his age, the age of consent here in the uk IS only sixteen! and most kids are having sex at fourteen or fifteen.



I knew all this. I’m still on the dads side tho. The age of consent in a lot of states is 16/17, but if I ever caught a 30 year old around my16/17 year old kids it would be a done deal

But age of consent laws typically have limitations

Im pretty sure teenagers can only consent to sex with other teenagers

Not old guys with youth fetishes

While Stuart’s behaviour can’t be condoned cuz what he did was illegal, he certainly isn’t an ‘old guy’ and definitely didn’t have a ‘youth fetish’. Nathan happily agreed to go home with him, he wasn’t forced to. And to Stuart, Nathan would not have looked like school boy but simply a teenager who easily looked eighteen, hanging around gay clubs.

Btw, I have a teenage son and if, when he was 15, he’d been seduced by a man in his twenties, I would NOT have reported him to the police, though I think I may well have had words with the fella. Much like Nathan’s dad but without the homosexual outrage. ;)

A new little Stuart and Vince ficlet - a bit of romance and silliness in 298 words. It’s called A Different Path and it’s on AO3. :)



Paula’s Music Journey: My Love Affair with Stuart Alan Jones

Please enjoy my take on the importance of Queer as Folk UK as we celebrate its 15th anniversary

The far too gorgeous Stuart Alan Jones … 


A friendly reminder that Raleigh Becket was once Petyr Baelish’s boytoy and they fucked like rabbits and it was the greatest love story ever.

How better to start 2014 than with the sexiest man alive? And he knows it.

Stuart Alan Jones (plus Dalek) wishes you Merry Christmas! By @Bee_wa on twitter. Soooo cute!

Nathan messes up with unforeseen consequences for Stuart and Vince …

At last, a new Queer as Folk (UK) fic! It’s called Fathers, Sons and Lovers and oh my god, it took over a year to write and wrestle into shape! Please note the tags before reading, plus it’s NSFW. I hope you enjoy it. x

It’s here at A03.