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In the words of Ray Bradbury - stuff your eyes with wonder! See links for my overused tags and the telly and films I'ved loved/am loving/will always love. At times NSFW, but will be tagged as such.

My favourite actor is Aidan Gillen and his Stuart Alan Jones is my hero.

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Are you hurt my lady?


[ 4/?? ] Favorite Aidan Gillen photoshoot Photos:


My Harem of Imaginary Husbands:

2/10: Aidan Gillen

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Modern AU: Petyr & Sansa are supposed to play father and daughter, but run a dangerous game of cat and mouse instead.


King’s Landing Players + Modern.


Vivien Leigh in Anna Karenina~1948;

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b&w blog

more ballet pics here


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Flood in Florence, Italy, 1966.


moon spiral

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There are some things that time cannot mend… some hurts that go too deep… that have taken hold.



Greta Garbo, Queen Christina