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My favourite actor is Aidan Gillen and his Stuart Alan Jones is my hero.

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#fuck raptors #i’m a motherfucking t-rex




Original, Henry Baker


Tom Hiddleston talking about “Jurassic Park” and be careful, there’s a raptor on the loose……..

Kill me now.

This is fantastic …


This is a job..

#fuck raptors #i’m a motherfucking t-rex

Places in Film I’d Love to Visit**
  Isla Sorna and Isla Nublar in Jurassic Park I, II, III 

** by visit I totally mean under the circumstances that I won’t be used for bait, chased after, stomped on, ripped to shreds and/or eaten.


50 Greatest Jurassic Park Moments



50 Greatest Jurassic Park Moments

#I’ve always wondered how nobody noticed a fucking t-rex in the building
#it’s not that hard to notice something that huge and that loud pushing itself through the door

Perfect tags.