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In the words of Ray Bradbury - stuff your eyes with wonder! See links for my overused tags and the telly and films I'ved loved/am loving/will always love. At times NSFW, but will be tagged as such.

My favourite actor is Aidan Gillen and his Stuart Alan Jones is my hero.

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Before I start stitching Stuart and Vince (x), I’ve got Littlefinger to finish off. If you want your very own little Littlefinger, you can buy his pattern from Shylahs Books and Hooks (x).

Stuart Alan Jones. His beauty renders me wordless.

Perhaps not very Stuart and Vince, but here’s a soppy romantic post for them. In pink. :D

words - koalea

Aidan Gillen as Phil Hendricks (Thorne), then and now.

My attempt at some screencaps. :) Aidan Gillen presenting Other Voices, February 2013

Phil:  What does he say to them … ?

Vince:  If we knew that. If we knew the magic words. But he says them for all of us.


Top 21 of Aidan Gillen characters from evil —> lovable:

Number 12:  Dave Turner, The Final Curtain

Cute little film from 2002. Great fun to watch Aidan Gillen going OTT playing a game show host. Not a brilliant film but well worth a watch. That’s a wolf’s outfit he’s wearing in case you were wondering … :) 

Aidan Gillen’s Villains and Heroes (x)

SandraHis name’s Michael.

Stuart:  Thankyou, but the information is irrelevant.

Stuart Alan Jones - just stop it now.

Entirely unnecessary Stuart Alan Jones post …


Top 21 of Aidan Gillen characters, from vile and disgusting to sweet and lovable …

Number 13:  Gus, Freefall

Gus, from the enjoyable 2009 TV movie, Freefall, was an unscrupulous banker. Enough said. :) 

Aidan Gillen’s Villains and Heroes (x)

Two photos, don’t really go together, but, well … he does look gorgeous. :D


Top 21 of Aidan Gillen characters, running from vile and disgusting to sweet and loveable …

Number 14:  Petyr (Littlefinger) Baelish, Game of Thrones

Everyone’s favourite underdog, he’s witty, smooth, manipulating others to his own ends and very well turned out. In charge of a spectacularly dodgy line of business, he’s also master of coin (an accountant, a profession we both share, so he can’t be all that bad). Hoping against hope that’s he’s the last man standing to take his place on that cold iron throne …  

Aidan Gillen’s Villains and Heroes (x)

Queer as Folk word cloud made at tagxedo. ♥

Rathbone’s ravishing outfits …